What to expect from APD

What to Expect


The business and professional communities are not static.  They change in response to regulatory and economic realities.  The state-of-the-art plan of the 1980's is most likely out-of-date and may not reflect current laws or your business's current requirements.


To successfully plan for retirement, you need advisers who understand all phases of the planning process. These include design, implementation, administration and finally, distribution. Initial concerns about taxes and investments may change to estate conservation and income stability at the time of distribution. Accomplishing these goals requires vision and planning by professionals with knowledge born from experience.


Even the best plan will fail if not communicated properly to your employees.  Today, many plans rely on employee participation to maximize their effectiveness to management.

It is an unfortunate reality that most Americans are not able to retire in a manner consistent with the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

To be successful in saving, people need to set a plan and follow it.  The right plan is critical.  Proper design follows rigorous attention to detail.  Our methodologies set us apart from our competition by assuring that appropriate questions are answered before the best solution is offered.


401(k), Profit Sharing, Money Purchase, Target Benefit, Defined Benefit and SEP/IRA Plans are examples of programs that are currently available.  Each type of plan can stand alone or in concert with other plans to satisfy employers and employees alike.  Advanced Pension Designs will customize programs and documents to your specifications.  We do not believe in using a cookie cutter approach to shape your financial future.


Our unique combination of state-of-the-art computerization and individual case consultants allows for efficiency and responsiveness which surpass typical administration agencies.  You will always have a consultant to speak with here at Advanced Pension Designs, we pride ourselves on excellent personalized service.


Our company's philosophy developed over time as a response to our clients' needs.  Regardless of size or form, a business embodies the aspirations of the individuals who have made it an important part of their lives.  An active and healthy retirement, free from monetary concerns, is one such aspiration.  It is a logical conclusion to a lifetime of work.

We believe that successful retirement planning will allow our clients to enjoy a better quality of life during their working years as well as in retirement.  Taking the proper steps today will allow you the peace of mind to concentrate on the present without the worry of the future.